Thursday, March 19, 2009

Framing Obama -- by the WPost

By Robert Parry
March 19, 2009

An insidious power of a propagandistic newspaper – especially one with great influence – is how it can “frame” an issue so the assumptions behind a story guide the readers to a preordained conclusion under the guise of presenting a fair journalistic account.

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Anonymous said...

Parry, have you looked at the WP closely? I am referring to corporate structure, investments, reporter backgrounds, CIA associations and connections to weapons manufacturers. If you do, there will be no more mystery why the newspaper is after Obama and a mouthpiece for the radical conservatives. Hint! The WP has a lot to hide. Once the truth comes out the newspaper will sink under its own weight of infamy. alot of its budget is supplement by Neocons and friends.

racetoinfinity said...

Excellent piece!

Notice how obvious the factor of CLASS is in separating the favored from the disfavored.

"He was my buddy at Safeway." The upper-class gentihomme actually pushed his own cart at Safeway! Now that's being one of the people. And Cohen was so grateful that Cap was friendly to him there!

It's all about status and power and exclusivity - shallow (and afraid of death) as can be.

I can imagine some less than noble (in fact downright prejudiced) reasons WaPo isn't thrilled with Obama, though they'd never admit it (only in drink with their closest pals).

Nat Parry said...

The elitist mentality at the WaPo really is extraordinary, isn't it? The way that these people claim to speak for "Washington" is as infuriating as their ideological outlook. Despite their pretensions to speak for the nation's capital, they neither look like nor sound like the typical DC resident. The city of 600,000 is about 60% African-American, and most of these residents can trace their family's heritage in Washington, DC, many generations. Some of them are descendants of the slaves who built the White House and the Capitol building.

These so-called Washington insiders may think they are speaking for "the city," but they are the true outsiders to DC. Let's not forget that 93% of DC residents voted for Obama in November. I was in the city on Election Night and have never seen anything like the celebrations that were taking place in the streets and in Lafayette Park. People were singing, dancing, chanting, hugging, just partying and celebrating until 3 o'clock in the morning.

That is the real DC, not the exclusive Georgetown cocktail parties that the elitists at the Post frequent.

libhom said...

The corporate media have long had a far right bias that reflects the interests of the owners and advertisers. This is an example of a broader problem. People need to understand how media ownership and reduced competition have changed the American press.

john mccarthy said...

First Amendment Rights? Free speech?

Who are we kidding, ourselves? We know the bankers control the media.

We know that the Fed is run by civilians for civilians.

What ever happened to the Watch Dog mentality that the media was SUPPOSED to have in order to keep a check on the government?

Why not focus on the vaults where the hundreds of billions of TAX PAYERS money are stored instead of focusing on the measly millions of dollars in bonus' for the YES MEN in the Division of Finance? Small fry they are.

Show me my money, honey!

Otherwise, this looks like a great RICO case....or Martial Law can be imposed on certain aspects of our society, like the banks and lenders.

Put them OUT of business for their sentence (before they go to jail)

john mccarthy said...

'Break up the banks, bust the trusts!' exclaims Olbermann