Friday, March 20, 2009

Good News, Bad News

By Robert Parry
March 20, 2009

The good news is that – thanks to our readers – we did meet the grant challenge from a donor.

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sanda said...

Poor people, working class people have always given more money to "charity" than rich people. It's still true, although it's called something like "percentage of income" in fancy language. I'm old enough to remember my mother throwing pennies wrapped in a piece of paper to street musicians after WWII. She and her mother, were lifelong givers and never had much.

I'd like to add Pacifica Network, specifically WBAI to mention of progressive radio. NYC's Pacifica station, community radio, 99.5FM.

I don't know anything about "liberals with money".

Anonymous said...

Robert...After over forty years as a journalist, I'm still trying to find the lair of the "liberal media conspiracy". I would like to forward my resume'.
But just a point on "think globally, act locally", while it may have given the right a head start (as to media), the web is wide open...and cheap to produce. With some seed investment, resources can be channeled into the work, rather than the machinery. We at West Virginia Ind. Media are trying to do just that.
Give us a look.
J.F. Rote

lokywoky said...

Thanks for this article - keep repeating. The topic still has not been addressed.

One small point. It isn't about Mr. Collins' dream. It's about the closing of yet another non-right-wing-biased source of news. That, ultimately, is the real tragedy. Mr. Collins will go on to other pursuits. But the listeners who depended on him to give a different perspective on the news are the biggest losers here.