Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Torture Revealed Yet Again

By David Swanson
March 19, 2009

As with the evidence that Bush, Cheney and gang intentionally lied us into a war, or the evidence of illegal and unconstitutional spying, each time a major new piece of evidence of torture emerges, it is impossible not to hope that this is the one that will compel the Justice Department or Congress or the courts or the American people to act decisively.

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1stProtestinTheStreet said...

There was no doubt that 9-11, like Pearl Harbor, needed to be avenged, but Bush had another agenda.

Bush, Cheney, & appointees lied about WMD, Aluminum Tubes, & Niger Uranium to Con Congress into approving an invasion of Iraq, a country that did not have anything to do with 9-11.

In WW-II, in 4 years, FDR put 13,000,000 men in the fight, beat 3 dictatorships, their leaders dead at the end.

After 7 years of War On Terror, neither Bush nor Cheney could find Osama Bin Laden, our US reputation is in the gutter, we're still at war, over 4,200 US Soldiers are dead, over 30,000 maimed for the Bush-Cheney arrogance & lies. They ordered Torture, a violation of Federal Law.

Unless Obama's statement that “no one is above the law” is a lie,

Obama must appoint a Special Prosecutor for Bush, Cheney and the appointee lawyers that advocated Torture, violated many Federal Laws, our Constitution & the Geneva Convention on Torture.

Sign The Petition To Prosecute

If you are one of the



john mccarthy said...

Without 911 there would be no Patriot Act, War Powers Act and two preemptive invasions of sovereign nations who DID NOT attack the USA.

That is irrevocably a war crime = Crimes Against Peace and
Crimes Against Humanity re Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay torture at the behest of Cheney/Bush, DOJ et al. Call it collusion, conspiracy, RICO or Mass Murder of 911 but in any event, it is a crime still as the statute of limitations run forever.

Looking Forward-not backward re war crimes and mass murder provides every judge in America to not prosecute any defendants brought before him because there is no JUSTICE FOR ALL. Might as well close shop. Now even our Pledge of Allegiance has been obliterated.....and justice for all, sure.

Lets not forget that the Project for the New American Century was signed in September, 2000 by Cheney, Kristol, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld and others which seeks "a new Pearl Harbor" in order to control the lands in South Asia where all the oil lies.