Saturday, March 21, 2009

How to Really Hit Back at Wall Street

By Brent Budowsky
March 21, 2009

Let’s ban political contributions to any candidate, of any party, for any office by any company that receives bailout money, until the money is paid back in full.

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sanda said...

I've been thinking about how Brent Budowsky would view all this, and voila, here is an article! Belated un-birthday, Brent B., from someone with same. (Last heard you on the radio with Mark Riley on the BailOut legislation last Fall, I think.)

It's a good start. I can't look at Eliot Spitzer, word or photo, without thinking, "jerk". He had some good ideas, especially for a guy who came out of upper class (real estate?). I'd suggest: others be included in finding solutions, the usual candidates (most have been on DemocracyNow) and some not usual, like Richard Wolfe, economist.

People want more than token "give back the bonus-money" but mainstream media's got a lock on most of the discussion.

Anonymous said...

How to really hit back at Wall Street and 'not-so-outraged' members of Congress, Republicans, Democrats or Independents...American Taxpayers should demand that ALL members of Congress PUBLICLY provide a complete list of ALL donations they have received and accepted in the past 5 yrs from AIG, GOLDMAN SACHS, LEHMAN, etc. all Wall St firms,or banks that have taken TARP/Treas.funds. That would explain a great deal to the taxpayers about All members of Congress who are beholden to these corrupt companies/banks who have taken our Congress and country hostage!