Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Cheney Channel

By David Swanson
May 23, 2009

An association representing top advertisers on broadcast and cable television has proposed the creation of a new Cheney Channel dedicated exclusively to the Cheney family, the primary motivation apparently being to get Dick and Liz off all the other channels where their presence seems to be hurting the sales of advertised products.

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citizenpaine said...

I think that Obama and Cheney and Gingrich and Pelosi should go out on a double date to talk things over and try to be friends.

What's the use of talking past each other with hurtful accusations especially in such a public forum.

I'm sure a nice dinner and a movie will move these two cantankerous couples closer together.

I'm hoping that if this plan succeeds, then the major media outlets can begin the task of digging up more semi-retired sidelined republicans of the past and begin pairing them with presently serving democratic leaders in order to form a more perfect and much more harmonious union.

It's never been done before so why not give it a whirl. Today's media is breaking tradition for the good here.

Perhaps there could even be a TV Show like "Renditioning with the Ex-Politicians" where these couples would compete for ways to build a better torture device for their partner and force confessions from them. The contestants would then be awarded prizes for the most shocking, funny, embarassing or entertaining confessions.