Friday, May 22, 2009

The GOP's 'Era of Apologizing'

By Robert Parry
May 22, 2009

Republican National Chairman Michael Steele says, "the era of apologizing for Republican mistakes of the past is now officially over." But that must have been a very brief “era,” since it’s hard to remember any significant mistakes that the GOP has owned up to – except perhaps that George W. Bush wasn’t right-wing enough.

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sanda said...

Thanks for the smile at the top/headline/intro. I do remember that Nixon got rehabilitated around the time of his death, in the media.

The Republicans are doing far better as a minority party now, than
the Democrats did during the Bush 8 years. Pres. Obama's bipartisanship (ugh)doesn't and won't change the Republican tune. Congress isn't exactly moving/moved much away from where they were as minority party. The main difference with Obama, a Democrat in the White House, is the Republicans lost patronage jobs.

The Republicans make a lot of noise, but so many Bush policies (and some people)continue in this Administration:Gates for one. Either Republican rhetoric, ugly as it is, pushes Obama or he's "there" anyway, moved ever Rightward in policies. Compare Obama's domestic policies so far with LBJ's or am I too early for that question?