Friday, May 22, 2009

Cheney Goofs on Israel

By Ray McGovern
May 22, 2009

If we hear in the coming days that former Vice President Dick Cheney has fired one of his speechwriters — or perhaps grounded Lynne or Liz — it will be clear why.

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Anonymous said...

Bush appeasing al Qaeda, second thoughts on no terror attack after 2003

You missed something, yes Cheney is weirdly right that doing things wrong put off an al Qaeda attack.

Yes Bush made the world a mess, but his petty aggression appeasement mix did prevent an attack on the US between 2003 when he withdrew US troops in Saudi Arabia and the end of his term.

Entering Iraq, and starting to withdraw from Afghanistan made the US less a target as well. Bush when he came into office wanted to look tough with his Axis of Evil remarks while avoiding war with Russia and China. Later for a while he succeeded to look tough while, at least after 2003, avoiding bin Laden having any good reason to attack the US again.

Bin Laden's basic goal is to make moderate Muslims militant, Craving a world of the 8th century where Muslims were quick to fight. Not that any one of them would have used their child or helpless old mother as a combatant. Or attack where noncombatant Muslims could get hurt such as two US Embassies at rush hour. Or get Muslims to fight with each other like al Qaeda is doing between Shiites and Sunni Muslims in Iraq, or get drunk before a battle assignment or tax drugs.

When then Majority Leader Bill Frist was about to call for bipartisan prison detention reform after reviewing the secret additional Abu Ghraib photos, al Qaeda derailed it by posting Nick Berg's beheading when Frist's press conference was about to start.

Al Badawi, of the bombing of the Cole fame, was made the figurehead second in command of al Qaeda of Yemen and Saudi Arabia, just as soon as Obama announced plans to close Guantanamo.

So the truth of the matter is that a real peace scare in the Middle East or quick US withdrawal from Iran and Afghanistan will make al Qaeda desperate to attack instead of waiting for the US to bankrupt itself.

We got to live with the fact that as soon as bin Laden's dreams seem hopeless is when he will be the most desperate. Why should bin Laden just blow his own brains out when he loses when he can al least take a few cruise ships in the Caribbean, filled with mostly Americans with him, as al Qaeda diehards all commit suicide in defeat.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what radio interview McGovern was on, I can't find FCM (HAH). No, seriously.

Anonymous said...

What Defence Science Board report are you basing your writing upon? I went over to their site to download the report you refer to, but didn't find anything named like what your referenced report purports to be. What is its title and when was it published? A bibliography, ie would help. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

As usual McGovern and his ilk kiss up to the medieval Islamic regimes who place non Muslims as infidels and would send us back 10 centuries. Israel is the demon when they stand alone against this tide.