Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Obama's Warfare Budget

By Sherwood Ross
May 20, 2009

Although the United States is not in imminent danger of attack from any country, President Barack Obama’s first budget further expands the Pentagon’s already dominant global operations.

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Robert said...

You have to ask yourself: What were people who voted for Obama expecting?

1. That $10 billion a month being tossed down the rat hole of undeclared war would, with the soldiers, come home and be devoted to domestic priorities that have only grown more dire since.

2. That a man who had actually taught Constitutional law really believed in the Constitution and the rule of law; understood the concept of the separation of powers, and would not act like a dictator, ruling by Executive Order

--What actually occurred was that within days of taking office, and with neither he nor Congress having read the 800 page TARP bill- an impossibility, as it had been introduced less than 24 hours earlier, a trillion in new debt, benefiting mainly bankers, and reducing future generations to indentured servitude, was rammed down America's throat(with full Republican complicity.) President Obama had made no mention of massive deficit spending during his campaign, but on January 9, 2009 said "Americans should get used to the prospect of "trillion-dollar deficits for years to come" as he sought to finance an $800 billion economic stimulus package.
He said, "We are going to have to jump start the economy with my economic plan to lay the groundwork for long-term economic growth."
Make no mistake, this is very little better than dictatorship: Taxation without representation is tyranny, and so is legislation without deliberation. And with, of all things, the military-industrial complex given carte blanche during an economic depression, and at a time of record deficits,, this government seems bent on goading, not helping the people as a whole; further, and is fully prepared to unleash Blackwater, snipers, poison gas and armored cars against
anything beyond the most ineffectual protest.
This is what america has come to- Wild Bill Hickock deep in debt, and telling you, "Want to make something of it?"