Sunday, March 21, 2010

NYT Admits Getting Duped on ACORN

By Robert Parry
March 21, 2010

The New York Times admits, sort of, that it got duped by right-wing propagandists who appear to have succeeded in a plot to destroy ACORN, an organization that for four decades has aided and defended the poor and powerless across the United States.

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Lynne Gillooly said...

Unfortunately wealthy Democrats still do not realize the pwerful media infrastructure the right has built, especially talk radio. The primary cancer began after the repeal of the Fairness Doctrine by President Reagan. Since then they have yaken over 91 percent of talk radio which reaches 40 million Americans each week. Free speech is one thing, but this drowns out any oppositional voices. Also, an honest and accurate media is necessary for a deomocracy to thrive.

Morton Kurzweil said...

The New York Times is no longer a source of news. Since its ownership now includes Mexican billionaire Siim and the inept and naive remains of a publishing family, right leaning opinions and Associated Press blurbs, and blogs by so callled reporters. have replaced experienced and dedicated correspondents.
The Times was duped when someone thought it was a cash cow, instead of a newspaper.

Mike said...

“That’s right,” Hoyt wrote, regarding FAIR’s characterization of the child-prostitute point.

Now for some discarded context:

That’s right, but FAIR left out the part about their clear intention to operate a brothel, which the Acorn workers seemed to take in stride, with one warning: “Don’t get caught, ’cause it is against the law.”.

You really shouldn’t link to a story of it completely demolishes your case.

Quatrain Gleam said...

Consider: An extremely wealthy whie man walks into any major private equity investment firm requesting assistance in legally investing say $25 million in assets, while alluding to them being ill-gotten gains.

Does anyone doubt that any financial company on Wall Street could be stung by this and captured on hidden camera?

The hypocrisy is mind-boggling that we only seem to care when it is an agency that helped the poor and powerless.