Friday, March 26, 2010

The Right Finds Virtue in Extremism

By Lisa Pease
March 26, 2010

During his acceptance speech at the 1964 Republican convention, presidential candidate Barry Goldwater famously said, “Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice.” But was he correct?

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Mike said...

Once upon a time, not too long ago, a group of individuals “fed up” with US policy plotted and conspired to assassinate half a dozen US Senators over their voting records. After deliberation, the plan was scuttled, but only after a very close vote.

One of leaders of that group eventually went on to become a United States Senator from Massachusetts and won the 2004 democrat presidential primary.

The group was Vietnam Veterans Against the War and the leader was John Kerry.

Once upon a time a group of Black Maoists operated a criminal organization that embezzled millions from its charities, murdered many police officers, and assassinated internal dissidents and whistleblowers. One of the leaders of its Chicago Chapter later became powerful member of congress.

The group was the Black Panthers and the leader was Bobby Rush.

And you think that the "right" has something to learn from the "left" on the use of political violence? Ho … pease!

John L.Opperman said...

And you get your information, Mike, from...?
Let me guess. Beck and Limbaugh' right?
~John L.

John L.Opperman said...

Beyond Mike's rant, above, we need to reevaluate just what is called "RADICALISM'. Contrary from the establishment dictated definition of "out of the mainstream". it has always seemed to me that to call those who advocate peace, justice, equality of life are deemed "radical", whereas those demanding and perpetrating almost constant war, violence, oligarchy militaristic rule and scavenging-poisoning-destroying all the earth's natural resources are "normal and mainstream".
Clearly the victory of ruler propaganda over any kind of rationality.
Will we EVER wake up...before it's too late???
~John L.