Monday, March 22, 2010

Obama, Free at Last on Health Care

By Robert Parry
March 22, 2010

The long-delayed passage of health-care reform may indeed be a historic moment for the United States, but it also marks something else – the moment when President Barack Obama has been freed, finally, to pursue a more innovative foreign policy, including a more aggressive approach to Middle East peace.

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Mike said...

Does everyone one of your "stories" somehow tangential tie into a "smash the Zionist state" rant? LOL, you'll always have Ari Ben-Menashe I suppose.

Victoria said...

I dislike Mr. Parry's choice of headline for his article...why tie him with Dr. King? Not a very inventive choice... I must also disagree with the petty commentary...President Obama is not the type of individual to bother with petty minutia...When he does not respond, or react to one criticism or another, it is because he is focused on his agenda and simply has no time nor a taste for it. Badly written article.

Anonymous said...

A short message 'put down he telepromter and step awy from the White Houe."