Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Politics of Media

By Robert Parry
March 24, 2010

If you believed what you saw on Tuesday’s NBC evening news or what you read in the Washington Post’s lead editorial on Wednesday, you wouldn’t have a clue that Republicans are engaged in a scorched-earth political strategy to destroy the Obama administration.

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big em said...

Exactly right, Mr. Parry! The Democrats were excruciatingly accommodating in this health care reform debate (especially as contrasted with Republican actions when they were the dominant party during the Reagan/Bush years), and this in spite of ANNOUNCED intentions of simple & blatant obstructionism by Republicans early on. Yet this olive branch was repeatedly rejected in unanimity. To not include this aspect of the whole HCR 'debate' is to omit a MAJOR component, can NOT be accidental, and is best explained as you have done.

Nat Parry said...

Wow, I'm watching the NBC coverage, and I must say, I am stunned. This reminds me of the coverage around the time that Bush launched the Iraq War, but flipped on its head. In this case, the president's policy is cast in the worst possible light and those dissenting against it are featured prominently and sympathetically. Compare this to seven years ago, where NONE of the war's potential downsides were discussed, and the dissenters were pretty much ignored completely. It's truly stunning, and it turns my stomach to see the US media so thoroughly transformed into a propaganda arm of the Republican Party.

chmoore said...

GE also happens to be one of the market leaders in medical imaging systems - Radiology, MRI, PACS etc.

Why aren't they happy that the bill's required medical coverage for everyone, is likely to bring in more health industry patients/customers, who would in turn create more demand for GE Imaging Systems?