Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bybee Faults CIA on Torture Excesses

By Jason Leopold
July 15, 2010

Jay Bybee, who as a senior Justice Department lawyer signed two memos in 2002 authorizing CIA interrogators to torture “war on terror” prisoners, told a congressional panel that more than a half dozen other brutal methods were used by the CIA without legal approval.

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rosemerry said...

So they are still going on about the "alQaida organization", a convenient fabrication. The second-best democracy in the world (after israel) can be proud of its humanitarian treatment of suspects.
And SS Clinton criticises Russia, China, Cuba, Venezuela......

jmaria said...

Criminal behavior is a sure way to be rewarded with high profile jobs as demonstrated by the cases of Jay Bybee and J. Yoo. This two cases exemplifies the moral degradation of much of the government of a country that praises itself of being the beacon of freedom, human rights and the rule of law for all of the world to see in some kind of shock and awe.