Monday, July 12, 2010

Valentine's 'Pack' Traces Real Drug War

By Adam Engel
July 12, 2010

Relentless is the pack in search of prey, relentless are the wolves. Meticulous is the disclosure of truth about the real“war on drugs,” as chronicled by Douglas Valentine in The Strength of the Pack (“PACK”).

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Mike said...

Is this the same Douglas Valentine whose past hits include tales of a Japanese POW camp that his father spent time at that later, SHOCKER, could never be verified and were, in fact, completely made up? Or how about Valentines star witness for the Phoenix Program, Elton Manzione, who falsely claimed to be a US Navy SEAL only later to be exposed as a fraud and kiddy porn aficionado?

Boy I tell ya Mr Parry, you sure can pick em!

Anonymous said...

The War on Drugs is a covert operation which main purpose is the destabilization of foreign countries and governments listed as hostiles to the interests of the U.s. Such as is the case with Latin America.

Ishmael said...

Forty years ago, John Marks and Victor Marchetti published, "The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence". In it, they detailed the long, sorry history of the CIA's involvement in drug smuggling since it's inception. That book and it's revelations led directly to the Church Committee hearings in the mid-70's. The reforms enacted then were promptly overturned by the Reagan admin and Bill Casey.

Som whehter it's shady deals with the Corsican mob to stop trade unionists in late 1940's France, The heroin warlords of Chiang Mai in the Vietnam War, the Contra/Cocaine connection so ably documented by the late Gary Webb to today's use of US troops to secure the opium crops in Afghanistan for the Karzai's brother and other "approved" traffickers, the system of CIA sponsored drug trafficking remains the same.