Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Israel's Self-Defeating Gaza Embargo

By Ivan Eland
July 27, 2010

In the wake of Israel’s botched attack on a Turkish ship bringing relief to Gazans from Israel’s (and Egypt’s) economic blockade of Gaza, the Israelis have responded to intensely negative world opinion by relaxing the blockade. That move may help Israel as much as Gazans.

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rosemerry said...

This is a terribly disappointing post.
1. Why keep using this word "botched" attack on the flotilla? Did they mean to kill every passenger?
2. How patronising to act as if the destruction of sewerage works, cheese factories, farms, houses; shooting of anyone going within 300 metres of the everpresent fence, or of fishermen in the sea; air raids and bombing most days, are all right because the "smuggling tunnels" allow some people to make money.
3; The constant attack on fairly-elected Hamas, 'islamist" though many christians are present, is not needed.
4; Why are you always harping on what benefits Israel? The USA and the craven Europeans do enough of that.