Wednesday, July 28, 2010

US Grows Isolated on Aggressive War

By Peter Dyer
July 28, 2010

Though the U.S. political/media establishment remains in denial, an international consensus is building that the 2003 U.S.-led invasion of Iraq was a crime -- a profound and catastrophic violation of international law.

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Anonymous said...

If we as a society truly valued individuals or civil rights we would pay public servants a decent wage so that we could actually hire professionals. People who work with people should have a degree in psychology, especially police officers. They need a lot of training to learn how to react to bad situations in as calm a manner as possible instead of reacting with hatred and fear. With the proper training they could do a better job of maintaining peace without continually making matters worse with hatred and anger and the desire to punish.

kristine Osbakken said...

We in America walk around in a haze. You might say, we're dazed. We've known that the atrocity of unprovoked and aggressive war has been perpetrated by our own government, yet we've by-and-large felt we should let life go on within our borders as if everything is normal.

The unravelling of this veil worn to filter out reality has begun. The American people are now also the prey. As life continues to stagnate with many out of work, with many losing their homes; with the fascist might of the corporations bolstered by our highest court; with the wealthiest in the financial sector bailed out and experiencing small repercussion for huge criminal misdeeds, Americans more and more look for the truth.
Some will see skin color as the cause of our national demise. Hopefully these will remain a small, if mean-hearted minority. Hopefully their guns will not do the talking. Hopefully the coveting of energy riches from Iraq and mineral riches from Afghanistan won't keep blinding us.
Everyones' day comes. Is there any possibility for us to rectify our nation's misdeeds before we reach bottom? And what might that bottom look like?

manuel said...

Hegemonic Powers like the US give lip service to international law and by extension to all manifestations or institutions related to it.

Anonymous said...


`(2) if he will publish the locations and quantity of depleted uranium munitions used by UK forces during the Iraq War; and what steps he has taken to monitor the effectiveness of depleted uranium clearance programmes in Iraq; [8809]`