Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Truth Behind the Tea Parties

By Don Monkerud
July 29, 2010

Current attempts to revive that Boston Tea Party of 1773 are marketing gimmicks to masquerade conservative forces bent on defeating Obama and destroying any attempt to reform the present
gridlock political system.

Read on.


Anonymous said...

The article is dead on. I'm tired of the Grand Ole teaParty telling us we're not hearing and seeing exactly what we hear and see them do. It's ridiculous!

There is nothing on this earth that Obama could do to appease them and he has tried. It's time to move on without them and speak up and out against these people who WILL turn us into a theocracy (conservatives have been working on this for years).

At least the original Tea Party in Boston truly had problems to speak to whereas these guys haven't a clue to what they are fighting for.

Thanks again for telling it like it is!

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