Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Banksters Steal Away with the Loot

By Danny Schechter
September 7, 2010

Ben Affleck’s next movie, “The Town,” is set in Charlestown, Massachusetts, known for the battle of Bunker Hill and dubbed in the past by tabloid TV as “hell’s half acre” for all the crimes that take place there.

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Tyler said...

Since my university days I've been amused at what is called "economics" as a field of study. The mystery! The theories! All baloney...What makes the mystery is the inability of modern "economists" who are almost exclusively academics or employed by corporate or government agencies, and are all middle class facilitators for our owners and masters, to speak the truth: that our system is one based on theft. Yes, you'll get five to fifteen years for robbing a convenience store of a few hundred dollars: better to be a financier and loot billions legally. But it goes further: our lords have been enclosing commons belonging to all of us for centuries. The current privatization thrust is only the latest manifestation. They are stealing big, and getting away with it. No economist since Thorstein Veblen has said or will say this. But it remains true, nonetheless...