Saturday, September 11, 2010

Would Jesus Hate Muslims?

By Rev. Howard Bess
September 11, 2010

Early in the 21st century, America is being gripped by xenophobia, the fear of strangers or foreigners, or more broadly the fear of the unfamiliar.

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Anonymous said...

Indeed Jesus would love. But his love would have an aim and purpose, one of conversion (John 3:16).

Jesus would love the the sinner and hate the sin.

Jesus would love the person embracing Islam with the hope of them turning from idolatry to THE one and only true God through him. Jesus would reject their teachings as a fasle way, and HATE that way. Jesus would insist that except the Muslim believe that Jesus was Him (God manifested in the flesh), they would die in their sins! He would repeat the claim of the Word, "I hate every false way", as he is the Word of and Way to God.

Charis kai eirene,