Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Why the Israeli Boycott Is Growing

By Lawrence Davidson
September 8, 2010

On Sunday, the Israel newspaper Haaretz published an article with the headline "Anti-Israel Economic Boycotts are Gaining Speed" and with the subtitle, "the sums involved are not large, but their international significance is huge."

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rosemerry said...

It sems to me that the academic and cultural boycott of Israel should have more impact than BDS, since most of Israel's exports are arms, surveillance equipment and drones, bought by leaders of countries regardless of the wishes of their populations. Even Russia is now buying drones from Israel. In the current Real News interview with Omar Barghouti in Ramallah, he explains that only about 450 out of 9000 Israeli academics have made any attempt to criticise Israeli gov't policies, so the boycott is reasonable and is effective as well. Of course there is Zionist protest, but they stop any tiny anti-Zionist actions in US universities as well as Israeli ones.

genierae said...

Israel is "just like us" in that we invaded and occupied a land, America, that was filled with native peoples, dehumanizing them, and practicing genocide against them. We are now occupying two Middle Eastern countries, where our soldiers have dehumanized and destroyed hundreds of thousands of native peoples. The United States of America is not a democracy, it is an Empire, one that destroys anyone or anything that gets in its way. Israel is its partner in crime.

Anonymous said...

I find that you identify Likud too much with Zionism. They are not identical. Zionism as a whole cannot be considered a chauvinistic, anti-democratic, capitalist-pig-type movement like Likud. Theodor Herzl, Zionism’s founder, wrote a novel, a vision of Israel’s future, in which the Jewish majority supports an Arab uprising against a chauvinistic super-Jew president. And then they elect as his successor a Moslem president of Israel! Your thumbnail sketch is a severe distortion of reality.

Another thing that you completely ignore is that Moslem ideology rejects the notion of non-Moslems ruling over Moslems. Moslems can conceive of coexistence only in the form of Moslem supremacy. This takes the bizarre form of fantastic projects by wacko mullahs to subject England to Shariah. There is a paranoiac streak in Islam that is never far from the surface. So to attribute all blame for inter=ethnic conflict to the Jews, as you do, is patently absurd.

Anonymous said...

And furthermore:

As a matter of fact I think history shows clearly that the Arabs have always refused to compromise with Jewish claims. The Arab position is incessantly maximalistic. A political strategy that is dictated by obsessive and irrational behavior can never be successful. The Arabs lost Palestine because their leaders were corrupt, fanatical or incompetent. The Jews won fair and square. Why should they let the Arabs have Palestine back?

Especially now when Hamas bases the Palestinians’ claim to Israel on the general premiss that any land that was once inhabited by Moslems shall be Moslem land forevermore! According to that theory, next they’ll be reclaiming Spain, the Balkans, the Ukraine, etc. I say the Palestinians should receive no rights to anything until they explicitly disavow this paranoid imperialistic hallucination.