Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Iraq Pullout v. the Base Temptation

By Ivan Eland
September 8, 2010

As President Obama gave a self-congratulatory speech about keeping his campaign promise to remove U.S. combat forces from Iraq by the end of August, he accomplished this feat by merely redefining the mission of the 50,000 combat-trained U.S. forces remaining there to “advising and assisting” Iraqi forces.

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rosemerry said...

Since all the advisers to "W" were chosen Zionists like Feith, Wurmser, Bolton, Dennis Ross, it is not surprising he had no care about the culture of Iraq. He and Clinton had already destroyed the infrastructure during 12 years of sanctions, then completed the ruination of an advanced civilization. "Democracy?" "Freedom?" Even Odierno (read about him in Thomas Ricks' "Fiasco") realises this. It was NOT a mistake, but a terrible crime.

Mario. said...

What Odierno admitted it's been the pattern of all of US military interventions throughout its history. It is hubris.