Sunday, March 06, 2011

'Class Warfare' Finds America

By Danny Schechter
March 6, 2011

The term “class war” has been extricated from the archives of another era, while divisions over the future of the economy have become a battleground in which the adversaries yell at each other, but rarely engage in any discourse with each other in a shared language.

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Alesak said...

I find it surprising that article like this, and website like this, generates so little interest.

Greetings from Czech Republic.

JonnyJames said...

Thanks Danny Schechter for your work. Although RT is not available on TV here in the land of corporate oligopoly propaganda, I watch online. I enjoy seeing you interviewed there.

The rule of law is made a mockery of daily here. The largest criminals are not only immune from prosecution, they are rewarded with huge sums of money and press coverage.

Jamie Dimon, Lloyd Blankfein and the rest of the Bankster criminals; Cheney and the rest of the war criminals, Tony Blair and the rest, Henry K. and many others who ought to be in prison for life, are making huge sums.

The Banksters and corporate oligarchs are busy stealing our money while the cronies at the Fed are inflating our savings away to nothing. As Prof. Michael Husdson says, they are rewarding speculators with 0% "free capital" and stealing from savers, those lucky enough to still have any.

The crimes continue and nothing but more fuel is being added to the fire.

The future looks bleak