Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Kissinger Backs Israel on Pollard Case

By Lawrence Davidson
March 9, 2011

The gods protect us, Henry Kissinger is back!

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Anonymous said...

How can a history professor not spell properly? It's George Shultz, not George Schultz. And it's "wreaked havoc" - not "wrecked havoc".

JonnyJames said...

Henry K.? You mean the war criminal? The man is a monster that should have been rotting in prison for the last decades already.

Like others of his ilk, (Cheney and the Gang; the Bankster terrorist criminals, Tony Blair, Obama, the Clintons, et al.) they are lauded with praise, and showered with money.

That is how justice works now, the biggest terrorist criminals are immune from prosecution and instead are rewarded with huge sums of money. Who says crime doesen't pay?

Peter Loeb said...


In 1861 serfdom was ended in Russia, at least nominally.

In 1864, a mere three years later,
a Russian author published a
major work, "Notes from Under-

In 2009 a commentator penned an
introduction to the work which
he titled "Vision in Darkness."
He described the work as "the
consequence of a radical denial of man's need for
self-expression..." and continued
"...The suppression of the basic
drives of human nature...signified
not their death but their disfiguration..."

In my opinion we are today in just
such a darkness.

Near and during WW II the generation before me was deeply involved in the anti-nazi resistance then in exile in Paris.
My Mother took a message into
Berlin but was quickly withdrawn
due to her Jewish heritage--- for
her own safety. My step-mother
was of "Quaker" heritage and
continued her intensive work for
the resistance.

Because of the darkness enveloping us we must find other means than those that have failed us in the recent past.

Some will accuse me of giving up,
of "selling out".

I do not think that those in the
resistance would have considered
bringing out thousands to demonstrate their opposition to
Hitler before the Reichstag or
other buildings of Hitler's government.

Of course, no one has all the
answers, none is a prophet.
Nevertheless, I feel it is imperative to recognize the
following salient points:

1. THE DARKNESS: The darkness is
itself real and encloses us.

limited resources available. We
cannot reach goals through more
advertising, greater
competition with the State, the
media, and the wealthy.

3. SELF-IMMOLATION: Self-immola-
tion is not an option. It will
fail to attain meaningful gains and
may even be counterproductive.
The object is not to make advocates
feel better or more "virtuous".

most typical response of every group is to blame every other group
for the common plight. Implicit is
that had everyone else followed
our lead ---not done as they did --
things would have turned out otherwise.

STRATEGIES: One hears repeatedly
about "the grassroots", about
"organizing"(see below).

Causes may be just but the road
to hell was paved with many good

One concrete example may be in order: I have always been a
passionate supporter of universal
health care aka "Medicare for All."
I still am.

In the 111th Congress (last), with
the opposition of the Administra-
tion and the Leadership, "single-
payer" proposals became for all
intents and purposes invisible
and got nowhere fast. A proposal
did get to the House Energy and
Commerce Committee but under
pressure from the Speaker among
others, its proponents caved in
to the promise of a vote on the
House floor. There it was pre-
dictably demolished. (Incidentally,
the organization of the "grass roots" WAS magnificent. It was
nationwide but went almost totally

It makes no sense to re-introduce today nearly the same measure
in the House where it will
receive even less sympathy. I predict that it will not even
get out of committee.



The wisest course of action on
measures is to continue to document, continue to analyze
in depth, to demonstrate patience
in pursuit.

The histories of "Dr. K" (Kissinger) are a cases in point.

"That is not very exciting!" you
are screaming at me. Perhaps you
would prefer to spend a night in
jail and become a "hero" to your
closest friends.

As with the resistance as in
movements past,one must make the wisest use of one's resources
and abilities.


Big Em said...

Yes, JonnyJames, like the old quote says:

"Kill one man and you are a murderer.
Kill millions and you are a conqueror.
Kill all and you are a God."
Jean Rostand (1894 - 1977)

And good ol 'Dr' HK is probably looking for the 'conqueror' status he has (unfortunately) earned....