Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ex-CIA Analyst Decries Manning Abuse

By David C. MacMichael
March 10, 2011

I write to you in your capacity as the commander-in-chief of the armed services of the United States to express my concern, indeed my outrage, at the way in which the prosecution of U.S. Army Private First Class Bradley Manning is being conducted.

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Anonymous said...

Great letter -- thank you, sir!

Thank you for your years of service to this country, too.

- TH

Greg Driscoll said...

Mr. McMichael, you have summed up how many, like me, who supported Mr Obama now feel: thoroughly betrayed by another Cut-out, although the new one is articulate on-his-feet and charismatic - which characteristics make him even more dangerous than most of his predecessors, in a country easily seduced and distracted by such celebrity-like traits.

Thank you as well for your courage and your long service to our country.

- Greg Driscoll, of SI, NY; a retired Federal employee and veteran of the conflict in Viet Nam

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this open and honest letter to Mr. Obama, though I too, have little faith that he will intervene and do the correct thing for Pvt. Mannig - or the thousands of US prisoners being held in hideous conditions in institons across the country.

Mike Strong said...

Excellent letter. I started giving up on Obama just after the election when I saw the picture (with names) of the economic advisors he had gathered. I felt I had wasted my vote. Later I felt my vote had been betrayed. Badly. And it seems it only gets worse.
Thank you, Mr. McMichael.

Anonymous said...

Mr. MacMichael,

I join with the other commentators on your letter to express my delight at your erudite words.

From economic to foreign policy, Mr. Obama has been a thorough disappointment to myself and the majority of my friends and family. Like you we campaigned, donated, and supported a man we thought would usher in an end to the Reagan era. We were wrong.

While I agree that we must again seek a new direction regarding the 2012 Presidential election, I am unsure of where to turn. I most certainly do not want to turn the country over to the likes of Palin, Gingrich or Romney. As bad as Obama has proven to be, I can't help but shudder imagining what we might face with any of the conservative front runners.

Where to turn for hope now?

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Dr. MacMichael! I share your disappointment and completely agree with your condemnation of Obama's hypocrisy, but am undecided about what course to take. Should those of us who worked for Obama's nomination and election, and cheered at his inauguration, support an alternative progressive dem (Feingold?)in the primaries, and/or a third party in the election, or sit on the deck chairs and let the repugnants sink the ship? Perhaps it would be better to hasten the demise of this corrupt system than keep it alive with a facade of legitimacy as it moves toward fascism?