Sunday, March 06, 2011

How the NFL Can Solve 18-Game Impasse

By Robert Parry
March 6, 2011

Okay, I know we don’t write much about sports, but I had a thought about how to resolve one of the sticking points in the NFL negotiations with the players’ union – the issue of expanding the regular season schedule to 18 from 16 games.

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The Skeptica; said...

Robert Parry's solution to the NFL and Player's Union 18 game schedule issue is so amazingly simple... I am not that deep into the intricacies of game management, coaches strategies and their degrees of skill, but i cannot see anything but pluses for management, the players and the fans. Fan interest would increase exponentially as each would express in sports blogs, team blogs and Face Book and Twitter; sports columns in newspapers, talk show concerning who should play and when, who should have played and when. Teams would include chess masters to help in planning the next two or three games while the current game is on going. Actually, there is a down side… the drivel drooled by the game announcers and "color commenters" whose current inanities are so sophomoric, would be reduced to the point where they would sound like victims of terminal ADHD.

James Young said...

For once, I would say that this is not a bad idea, but having had some NFL players as clients a few years back, I'm not sure it would realistically address the issues and give the player a change to get healthy ... or the concerns about more serious injuries.