Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Case for a G.W. Bush Monument

By David Swanson
February 12, 2009

A letter to the editor in my local newspaper, the Charlottesville Daily Progress, has persuaded me to rethink the truly remarkable accomplishments of President George W. Bush and inspired me to join the movement to erect a Bush Memorial on the National Mall.

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Anonymous said...

You who mock a good man like President Bush, a man who like an Eagle stood in the gap,..
unlike clinton coward and now obama who is a coward and will like clinton ,be the coward taking a nap.

If anyone should so be recognized and be so honored, it is PRESIDENT GEORGE W. BUSH

JeffL said...

Obviously, Anonymous is being ironic with that Eagle in the gap schtick ... even capitalized Eagle. I know he's kidding. Of course. He can't be serious with that stuff. Nobody could. I mean, they couldn't. Could they?

big em said...

JeffL -- I don't know about that... there's enough grammatical anomalies in Anonymous' statement to make me think he might be seriously disturbed enough to believe it! And after all, some 40% of the voters (reputedly even more) actually voted for W - - TWICE - - so don't discount the possibility that Anonymous is being dangerously truthful.

Anonymous said...

I dare the Repotaliban to build Bush monuments. Go for it build them all over the world.

It will be a boon to the charities that get the shoe collections that they attract.

Then they can actually claim they have done something to help the poor.