Thursday, February 12, 2009

New Details on Torture Deaths

By Jason Leopold
February 12, 2009

In December 2002 – as the Bush administration was ratcheting up its harsh questioning of detainees – several captives died from “abusive” treatment at the hands of U.S. military interrogators in Afghanistan, according to newly declassified Defense Department documents.

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Anonymous said...

We've long had reason to believe that prisoners have died as a consequence of torture in Afghanistan and elsewhere.

Now that the Pentagon has acknowledged some of these deaths, does not President Obama have a legal obligation to investigate and take action under both national and international law?

His preference to "look forward" has unabiguous implications: he doesn't want to investigate, disclose, prosecute or report.

Perhaps his reasons include the purported frailty of the body politic, or the complicit status of those in Congress, possibly including himself, who knew and were silence.

Whatever his reasons, is he placing himself "above the law"?

George Collins
Goffstown, NH