Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Fallacies of a 'Truth Commission'

By David Swanson
February 10, 2009

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy has now joined House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers in proposing some sort of "truth and reconciliation" commission for the crimes of Bush and Cheney, as if Bush and Cheney have multiplied into a whole population that simply cannot be processed by our judicial system.

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Anonymous said...

Truth commissions to cure what ails us about the Bush crime syndicates trespasses against the US Constitution, the American and countless people tortured and murdered by Bushwacker & Company.

If this is sufficient punishment for war criminals then why not hold them FIRST at GITMO.

After all, people that are fighting an invader who is there to commit murder and mayhem over oil and oil/gas pipelines routes as the Great Satan is doing in Kosovo, Georgia and Afghanistan over Azerbaijan/Caspian sea fossil fuels in 'reality' are not terrorists - much less criminals. They are 'Freedom Fighters!'

Tombstone, AZ.


Dickinseattle said...

Truth commissions are a method of avoiding the application of justice to major crimes by important officials or large institutions. They are only a viable alternative to the application of laws and sanctions when it is impossible to reasonably prosecute the guilty due to large numbers involved or the long passage of time. Neither apply here. What applies here is the sycophantic cowardice of liberal Democrats who will not stand up and fight for justice and are afraid of the complicit rightwing Establishment mainstream media that controls what we think and how we vote. This media has covered up or misled us on every major political crime committed by neo-conservatives form the JFK assassination, to Tonkin Gulf, to Watergate, to Iran/Contra, to election fraud, to 911, and many others, and consequently we have lost our democracy and country. All these crimes were encouraged by the successful cover ups of the previous ones, and it is this pattern that will be repeated if the Republican and Blue dog complicit Democrats are not punished with appropriate criminal sanctions for their crimes, whether as perpetrators or accessories before or after the fact. To fail yet again here is to assure that this country remains as nation of men and not laws, in other words a tyranny.

Michael Collins said...

Excellent argument David. Here's one bit of truth that needs to come out, and no commission is required. We know that there were over 1.0 million Iraqi civilians killed by civil strife unleashed by the Bush-Cheney commission. Members of Congress who voted for continued funding also knew that this was ongoing. Somehow we're supposed to believe that a truth commission authorized by a majority in Congress would address this. I'm glad Leahy brought this up. It is instructive. However, it won't fly. If it did, too many would have to resign in shame.

Isn't it remarkable that the extent of the carnage in Iraq is suppressed here but no where else?

Anonymous said...

Re: Truth Commissions.

Any 'truth commissions' hearings should include the balance of the GITMO prisoners, who in 'most cases' have murdered, massacred and tortured' far fewer prisoners than the Bush crime syndicates trolls of the CIA and military prisones, here and (especially) abroad.

Tombstone, AZ.