Saturday, February 14, 2009

Obscene Wealth Can Be a Deadly Sin

By Howard Bess
February 14, 2009

In America it is common to define immorality as the misuse of sexual relationships.

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Harold Shaw said...

I agree with your post that we have become too proud of our nation being the wealthiest nation on earth. It is sad, because I believe that most Americans do want more than just being wealthy.

But we have been taught and have taught that we also should have what we want materialistically. That is the unfortunate message that tax cuts makes. It sends the message out that we need to go buy more materialistic things, that we no longer really need.

When we should be in my humble opinion stepping up to the plate and paying for what is going on. Sooner or later taxes will have to be raised -- otherwise government services will no longer be there at acceptable levels to the rest of us.

Pay now or pay later, we will have to pay for our present deadly sin of greed.


Mark E. Smith said...

Ah yes, greed is our defining sin.

Americans judge people by how much money they have. Better people have more expensive clothes and cars.

If a poor person steals a loaf of bread, we condemn them. If a rich person steals the whole bakery, we praise their business acumen.

While there remains even one red cent in the national treasury for the wealthy to loot, they won't stop looting. And Americans won't stop voting for them, delegating to them our power, and authorizing them to do whatever they want.

Then we gripe that the wealthy elite we voted for is acting the same way as the wealthy elite we voted against. And they both laugh all the way to the bank.

maji said...

Thank you so much, Reverend Bass for this article. America has become too focused on acquiring "things" which have no true lasting value as they all eventually fade away some sooner, some later. You are absolutely right. Our focus should be on making the world a better place in which to live and about helping others. If we are to continue to exist, we must change our focus. We can see the devastation that greed has wrought and it is not pleasing. Our once beautiful nation is in tatters: millions without health-care, millions unemployed, millions homeless, millions in danger of losing their jobs, etc. We will have to change or we will definitely cease to exist.