Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Government of Laws, Not of Men

By Peter Dyer
February 10, 2009

Now that the unprecedented lawlessness of the Bush administration is history, we have an equally unprecedented opportunity to reaffirm the foundation of American democracy: the rule of law.

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wjonwhit@aol.com said...

Finally someone has the guts to tell it like it is, and I am impressed. Nearly to the person, when the subject of the Bush/Cheney apparent war crimes are discussed, all are in agreement with this author.These people must stand trial for the many crimes they commited. Indeed, if we are to remain a nation of laws then by God those who break the law must stand trial. I do not believe that a "truth seeking mission" is any more than a glorified sweep under the carpet. So they could be held or charged for purjury! Sorry, that is, in my mind, simply an abducation of responsibility inherent in upholding and defending the constitution. I, and nearly every one I know, want justice. No! We demand it!