Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The GOP Jihad on Obama

By Robert Parry
February 10, 2009

Only a few weeks into Barack Obama’s presidency, a threatening political and media dynamic has rushed to the fore cutting short a very brief honeymoon.

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Bob Locke said...

I am in hopes the American public will themselves thrash the bloc-head Republican political terrorists and support Obama by turning off Rush Limbaugh, Chris Matthews, Wolf Blitzer and others of their ilk in the mainstream media, and turning on Democracy Now! with Amy Goodman and Bob Parry of consortiumnews. We do have these very good outlets for the normal kind of commonsense that we need in the face of Republican obstructionism and hypocrisy.

The times are dangerous, and this good President needs all our help and good thinking.

We need to lead our leaders in the Democratic Party whom we elected by landslides to STOP the Republican assault not only on our own economy but on on the entire planet. The world wishes us well because they see the results of too much power in the hands of a careless and renegade Republican Party.

Democratic leaders are afraid? Why? Can't they see that the public is solidly behind them? Can't they count votes themselves?

Let's hope Obama can lead those leaders into the right paths and exercise that powers that the public has so plainly given them.

Obama's press conference, after the Republican attacks against him with their pathetic bloc mentality, was very heartening. Yes, he extended himself to them, and they slapped his hand. Let's all remind each other of that again and again.

Republican bloc thinking has put us in the bind we are in, and they obviously are attempting to keep us here with their 40% minority.

Democratic leaders should be reminding us of this at every press event, just as our President has just done.

Professor Smartass said...

Democrats seem to not notice that every time they forgive and forget, the GOP comes back more virulent, more anti-democratic, and more effective.

The Bush administration took us right up to the edge of losing our democracy. If Democrats don't investigate and prosecute the Bush administration, the next time we might not be able to pull ourselves back from the edge and descend into decades of fascism like Chile or Spain.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the timely article. In my mind Obama did not get a honeymoon - - the media was on his back the next day after the election, particulary CNN. Let me be blunt about what has motivated the assault on Obama - - RACISM! The only Republicans who survived Obama's landslide victory are part of a long racist tradition in the southern voting block states. They are pitting their reputations at home on getting rid of that Black man in the "white" house. In their minds, they cannot accept the fact that for the first time since the Civil War a black man not only got the best of them but also has one of the best minds in the country. For the record, I am not a minorty - - just one who is sick and tired of the Old South running American politics.

Anonymous said...

Don't overlook the ugly fact that Bill Clinton's improprieties with Monica Lewinsky opened the door to George Bush and the Iraq War.

Let's hope Democrats learned a lesson.

Great article!

Anonymous said...

I think a lot can be gained by examining the relationship between the right-wing GOP and the policies of the Old Confederacy. You'll discover, I'm sure, a clear relationship between the two. Modern day GOP(f)ers have been slowly but surely de-FDRing our society and implementing the Confederate agenda, the line stopping at keeping wages so low that they are almost "slave wages." Think about it. And check out the CSA fiscal policies.

Anonymous said...

Robert, you will never live this down. The media was in the tank for Obama is his year long campaign! They disgraced themselves and lost all credibility. Poor Mike Phelps, a swimmer has been raked over the caols for more then a week for a bong hit. Obama admitted to smoking pot and using cocaine. Yet the media never asked him one question about it. Cocaine is a feloney. Also the stimulus plan had to be passed or the US would suffer a catastrophy. When passed did O sign it, no, he went on a three day vacation. Was the media outraged, no, they reported he had a romantic dinner with his wife, played basketball and had a hair cut. So much for the economic doom we all face. When O was aked about the radicals, terrorists and marxest he befriended, he said they were not the people he knew. In his book, he said he sought ut, radicals, chicanos and marxest.