Thursday, August 12, 2010

Don't Try These GOP Alibis at Home

By Robert Parry
August 12, 2010

Unless you’re a member of the Bush Family or some other well-connected Republican, it’s not advised that you try the alibis that cleared Ronald Reagan’s campaign in the 1980 October Surprise case. You also would need to make sure that the “investigators” were lame-brained or weak-kneed Democrats.

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Mike said...

Mr Parry, your obsessive compulsive rantings aside, EVERY credible outlet that looked into the October Surprise allegations found them to be bunk.

Here is what Frank Snepp, hardly a right winger, had to say about the allegations in general, and your reporting in particular: "Not only did both men [Parry and Sick] massage sources into manufacturing information but they helped each of the sources refine their stories by exchanging information with them."

Ethan Allen said...

It appears that your detractor, "Mike", is a self-proclaimed expert on "EVERY credible outlet that looked into the October Surprise allegations"; and to prove it he is kind enough to provide a corroborator of his veracity in the name of Frank Snepp, a disgruntled ex CIA interrogator/analyst from the Viet Nam era. Ostensibly, no student of the CIA's analytical product during Mr. Snepp's tenure could possibly doubt the credibility of such a reference.
Regarding said "obsessive compulsive rantings", it is fortunate that "Mike" was able to take some time out from his own vituperative political screeds, and treat this forum with an example of his dissembling wisdom.
Such is the frustrated folly of closeted Conservative propagandists that seem to never tire of attempting to masquerade as progressive protagonists.