Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Manning, Khadr: Cases of Conscience

By Lawrence Davidson
August 11, 2010

At present there are two young men sitting in prison who have never met but are nonetheless intimately connected.

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Walter Robillard said...

I have a serious problem with Israeli aggression.

If everyone who thought someone was after them, took pre-emptive action, and hauled off and hit them with a baseball bat, where would we be?

After a while, it would become anyone who pissed us off would get beaten to death, then anyone who might be a competitive threat, then the relatives of the person we hit with the baseball bat, because we would fear retaliation.

Where does it end. And what if we had a paranoid disorder or other mental illness from to much inbreeding or other causes? There are too many mental illnesses and disorders to just let this activity exist at the perpetrators discretion. I don't care who they are, its applies to anyone anywhere.

And what then. In the case of countries, Iran is being plotted against. Doesn't anyone remember the comments from the Bush era Neo-Con's? Real men don't go to Baghdad, real men go to Tehran (Iran). So this hostility, aggression against Iran has been at work in the Israeli mind for some time.

Building a baseless case, using gradualism and media control they have trumped up charges over the years, inventing reasons to attack Iran.

This is no different than what they did with Iraq. I for one, am dead set against any aggression toward Iran.

Iran is not a threat, never has been. Its people are more like us than the country pushing for war.

That country (Israel) by the way, is ALWAYS pushing for war against somebody, just look at their country's record.

There has not been a five year period of non-aggression. They are always plotting against some other country, some imaginary threat. Now with with our money (the U.S.A.) and forces behind them, there will be no limit to their plotting and scheming.

Look at how they handled the peace envoy's going to re-leave the suffering in GAZA. They see no other reality other than their own twisted victim-view, and power trip.

Then look at Iran's record. Even in the war with Iraq, in the eighties, they were attacked first.

Let them (Iran) abide by the IAEA Rules, trust but verify. We need more cooperation and less belligerence.

We may find Iranians are great, trustworthy and generous citizens of the world, more on par with our cherished beliefs and those of our founding fathers than the psychotic power-hungry Israeli's.

I'm willing to go this route. Trust and verify (beyond all doubt) and we need to look deeply into the motivations of those screaming for war, yet again. The rest of the world can't always be wrong, and the Israeli's justified. I'm for keeping the U.S.A. away from another disastrous mistake.

Bob said...

Any story about Kahdr should
note that a war crime was actually
committed, committed by a US Army
Sgt. who came into the compound
and killed one wounded Afghani and
attempted to kill Kahdr by firing
two shots into his back. Its a wonder he lived at all.

No one wants that Sgt. tried, and he should be, but perhaps dispatching the
wounded is Army policy.

Ethan Allen said...

I completely concur with the cogent analysis of Dr. Davidson, and the substantive spirit of both the preceding comments.
The Manning and Khadr cases should provide our Judicial system the opportunity to lift the veil from not only these horrific misuses of our national war powers, but to expose the miscreants that planned and implemented the assortment of murderous crimes against humanity in the name of the United States and its people committed in their execution.