Monday, August 09, 2010

Is Anti-Tax Rage Fueled by Racism?

By Jay Diamond
August 9, 2010

The momentum, the mass and the driving force behind the anti-tax, anti-government cult of the last 30 years has been RACISM.

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Anonymous said...

I think it has to do with people's insecurity and their need to believe that their leaders act in their best interests. That their leaders are above evil unless that evil is in the people`s, nations interests.

It reminds me of a story told many years ago...

In Germany many people believed Adolf Hitler could do no wrong. He had done so much for the people. Taken back stolen land and reunited the german people. Such feats indeed left the german people suitably impressed. Many thought him a superman. Many if not most thought when things started to go wrong, it was not the fault of their great leader. They blamed his underlings, they thought their leader didn`t know what was going on and when he found out he would put things right.

The story I tell you illustrates the above, it is a true story...

An elderly Jewish man on being arrested and transported to a concentration camp, was told to undress along with many others, women and children in the same room, as he had to take a shower. He voiced his indignation at having to undress in the same room as women and children, but was forced to do what he was told.

As he passed from one room to the next, walking stick in his hand, he stopped and said to the guard on the doorway, "wait until the fuhrer hears off this, he will punish those responsible"

Such was his faith in his leader.

J. Tyler Ballance said...

I read that some of the operatives on the Left were so afraid of the teabaggers that they were mounting an organized effort to paint the 'baggers as racist.

I didn't think the story was true or that anyone would be so stupid as to try and put such a load of crap into the blogosphere; yet you've done it.

Most Democrats and some Republicans will recognize truth when they see it, and most of our citizens recognize bullshit like your "racism" proposal.

To politicians from every party: Please, just present your ideas, along with real solutions to the real issues that we face, and spare us the racial polarization, gender wars, or race-based patronage.

America needs real real solutions, not games. Let's all have polite, open and honest discussions about the solutions offered by each candidate, and allow their ideas to stand on their own merit.

Jay Diamond said...

My suggestion to J. Tyler is to listen to low-brow, rightwing, talk radio for a few, hannity, limbaugh, beck, savage, boortz, mark levin, read breitbart, and review Reagan's "Welfare Queen" in her Cadillac.

After that review some of the local rightist talk radio in various parts of the USA, ie, steve malzberg on WOR 710 in NYC, and then come back here and tell me that racism is not the compelling theme of low-brow rightwing talk radio.

Oh yes, how about james o'neil and breitbart's proven scam against ACORN.

In short, who do you think you are fooling with your feigned indignation !

Anonymous said...

J. Tyler Ballance

People already know that sadly racism is still rife in the USA and used by the right to stir up trouble and to feed the rights evil agenda. You can`t cover this one up J. Tyler Ballance, so why try?, what is your agenda?.

You said...

"I read that some of the operatives on the Left were so afraid of the teabaggers that they were mounting an organized effort to paint the 'baggers as racist."

Could you please put a link on here to the article?, I would like to read it.

J. Tyler Ballance said...

The tired, old, method of blaming the other guys, just won't work anymore.

People are becoming more aware.

The citizens want to hear real solutions, not a re-hash of one of the Republican funded radio pundits.

The time has come for the real workers' voices to be heard. We need jobs in America, and neither of the traditional parties are working for the average working man, anymore.

We can't trust the Republicans. Anyone who watched the Neocons run all over our Constitution during the Bush regime knows that. But, what is with the Democrats? Where are the initiatives to restore our strategic manufacturing base? Where are the serious investments in infrastructure and technology? Where is the strong anti-trust actions against giant multinationals, like WalMart (aka China-Mart) Google and Microslop?

With Democratic leadership, why have we not seen a break-up of the leviathan media conglomerates that monopolize the airwaves and provide the propagandists, like Limbarf, to have a strangle hold on every major media market?

It would be a simple act of Congress to mandate that radio and television stations must be independently and locally owned proprietorships. That would put giant conglomerates like Clear Channel out of business, eliminate most of those computer relay-run radio stations and create thousands of new, well paying jobs for Americans.

Americans are sick of race-baiting politicians who give the working man the finger, while allowing multinational corporations to gobble-up whole industries, and ship our jobs to China, or pay illegals to do the jobs that Americans should be doing.

It is the Twentieth Century, already! Enough of the racism bullshit. Democrats need to talk about three things:

1. Jobs
2. Jobs
3. Jobs!

Anonymous said...

it seems like everyone who disagrees with us is racist.

Anonymous said...

"If the head of Goldman Sachs believes he is « God » as he described himself in a recent interview"...