Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Mosque, the Wall, and America

By Michael Winship
August 10, 2010

The current fight over the building of an Islamic study center near Ground Zero in Manhattan is reminiscent of another battle nearly 30 years ago. Then, too, ignorance, rage and prejudice threatened to destroy the creation of something intended to help mend a grievous wound and foster understanding and reconciliation.

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james said...

As a Vietnam Veteran, I personally consider your comparison an insult. The North Vietnamese never attacked us on our own land. The Vietcong never attempted to raise a memorial to their "Victory" over the US here in the US. We entered the Vietnam war when France left the war cold handed and we had to step up and honor our treaty with South Vietnam. The Vietcong were attacking the south. Please explain to me how the two situations are even remotely similar. It seems you would support all remaining Nazi's raising a memorial in Jerusalem?

Ethan Allen said...

It appears that Michael Winship's missive has attracted the very "ignorance, rage, and prejudice.." that he attempted to defuse with his comparison.
While it comes as no surprise that such hapless revisionism is employed to bolster such criticism, Mr. Winship's comparison, however strained it may be, seems quite a bit less hyperbolic than this rather insane conflation.

Carol Ann said...

Lest anyone forget, people of all races and creeds died when the Towers collapsed, even Muslims...their hate-filled "brethren" (and I use that term loosley) crashed the planes into the Towers without regard for their Muslims brothers and sisters working within it...they died in the name of hate and prejudice..If the mosque is constructed, a huge plaque in recognition of all who died should be built in front of it..

Anonymous said...

"honor our treaty with South Vietnam"


I don`t think that is correct. If it were, it didn`t mean anything when the USA left South Vietnam, did it. The reason given by the USA was "they were there to fight the domino effect that communism would bring to southeast Asia."

In other words the USA once again was telling countries around the world that they would not be allowed to choose the political system they wanted. All in the name of democracy of course. How many times have they done this. Does just one name mean anything to you...Salvador Allende?. There are so many I have lost count.