Thursday, August 12, 2010

Why Israel Wants a US War with Iran

By Flynt and Hillary Mann Leverett
August 12, 2010

Amid widespread skepticism that sanctions will stop Tehran's nuclear development and grudging, belated recognition that the Green Movement will not deliver a more pliable Iranian government, a growing number of commentators are asking the question, "What does President Obama do next on Iran?"

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rosemerry said...

A middle east expert with "W"???,Pity nobody took notice of him- he sounds rational, unlike all the rest.
By the way, I cannot believe Ben-gurion's anecdote; he hated kennedy and probably was to one to arrange his assassination.

Anonymous said...

Continued Israeli obsession with military hegemony will attract brains to be sure - reptilian brains.

I'm not convinced "strategic damage" accurately reflects the disaster waiting to befall us if we are so grossly insane as to enter into a third, simultaneous, "fraudulently invoked" war. This one will be between the two wars raging on either side of the new target. (strange coincidence!) Those two wars have profoundly drained our treasury, world credibility and global good will.

Attacking Iran would create a war zone more than one-fourth the size of the US. On one side of it are the nuclear weapons of Israel and on the other those of THE ONLY Islamic republic with nukes, Pakistan. (Our alleged ally whose intelligence agency confers directly and regularly with our equally alleged enemy.) Of course, "Soviet-style" communism is dead but it's 10,000 nukes would be to the North. India's and China's are just beyond Pakistan.

As if our economic situation is not bad enough, such folly, simply to appease an implacable, vicious, predator-victim (Israel) would definitively signal the passing of the leadership of the global empire to China (IF not frank world war).

Sure, this passage is inevitable, due to the similarly suicidal, if slow motion, exportation of our manufacturing base over the last 30 years.

However, in the midst of our second economic depression, to invite this transition virtually instantaneously, is simply criminal depravity.

If "strategic damage" is meant to imply all this, so be it.

John Puma

Anonymous said...

"By the way, I cannot believe Ben-gurion's anecdote; he hated kennedy and probably was to one to arrange his assassination."


I think he was heavily involved (with others in the USA?, who knows?). I also think that Bobby Kennedy knew who had done it and if he had become president he would have gone after them, that (I think) is why he was also assassinated. Strange that all the conspiracy theories don`t talk about all this more then they do. Given what history tells us about zionists they would/will let nothing get in their way, not even a president of the USA.

Anonymous said...

13 August 2010

"Germany frees Israeli 'agent' suspected in Hamas murder"....

May 13, 2010

"Craig Murray,Former Ambassador, Human Rights Activist".

"This morning I can say that information has reached me that confirms that Fisk is right and these were not forged British passports, but real British passports given to Mossad by MI6"....

Anonymous said...

No free speech in the Knesset. What are the members of the Knesset so afraid off, they can`t cover up their evil, so why do they try.

"Palestinian Haneen Zoabi, the first woman from an Arab party ever elected to the Knesset, Israel's parliament, was on the Gaza aid flotilla that was so barbarically attacked by Israel on 31 May, killing nine humanitarian activists. This is a video of her attempt to speak to the Knesset about this outrage, when she was drowned out with heckling from the other members and then physically ejected from the chamber."....

mario said...

Iran with no nuclear capabilities and therefore no WMD we now know is not an existential threat for Israel let alone the US.
So,what's the problem with Iran?. Iran is not a threat rather it is an obstacle to the hegemonic ambitions of both the US and Israel in that part of the world.

M Henri Day said...

Sometimes I wonder if members of the class that determines policy in the United States and who decided to provide the Israeli regime with carte-blanche support for the latter's own expansionist policies in Southwest Asia fully realised what a tiger they had mounted and what results could ensue from their decision. But as Axel Oxenstierna observed more than three and one half centuries ago, «... quantilla prudentia mundus regatur»....