Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Dual Realities of Israel/Palestine

By Lawrence Davidson
August 10, 2010

On Aug. 5, 2010 Israel’s Haaretz newspaper, citing a Fars (Iran) news service story, reported that a non-governmental organization in Iran had "launched a Website with cartoons on the Holocaust aimed at undermining the historic dimensions of the mass murder of Jews."

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Anonymous said...

"The Web site in question seems to have been discontinued, perhaps because it was unauthorized by the government."

Makes you wonder who set it up and what was its real purpose?.

Ethan Allen said...

If one actually reads Prof. Davidson's article, and the Haaretz cite he refers to, it is clear "who set it up and what was its purpose".
The Persians and most of the Arab people, as the article portends, do not deny the legitimate telling of history, they simply reject Zionist revisionism and the resulting distortions of history. The entire world, with the exception of Israeli Zionists and their counterparts in the United States, understands that the Zionist narrative is a propaganda fiction seeded with just enough fact to make it appear plausible. A more relevant question would be, "What is the purpose of this deception?"
And despite what the Zionist propagandists would have the world believe, Jewish and Zionist are not synonymous terms.

Gregory Lynn Kruse said...

It seems that the more information we are able to leave to posterity, the greater the chances that true history will be lost in the chaos. It will take a disaster of enormous proportions to destroy this culture of denial and manipulation, and then perhaps hundreds of years later, forensic historians will try to piece together what happened. As for now, I'm grateful to websites such as this and writers such as Prof. Davidson who try so hard to clarify and correct the record, so that at least I can continue to seek the truth, which is my life's work. I couldn't think I know what I think I know without them.