Tuesday, August 31, 2010

War on Terror: Greatest Covert Op Ever

By Douglas Valentine
August 31, 2010

The politics of terror are the greatest covert operation ever.

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Marcus Aurelius said...

There is a danger of civil unrest or outright revolt if enough of a population feel sufficiently disenfranchised. I get the impression that that is far from the case in the US. Though I wonder if that will change if the numbers of long-term unemployed keeps rising with no social security net.

Mike said...

That was a cute essay Mr Valentine, tell me did you consult with your fake SEAL turned kiddie porn aficionado Elton Manzione? Did you meet with your “secret sources” near the Hotel Tacloban POW camp that never existed?

Here’s a word I would like to see you expand on in one of your next essays: fraud.

Mike said...

Oh, and Mr Valentine, it usually helps one’s arguments when they don’t manufacture quotes, take them out of context, or modify them to buttress an argument.

Your quote of Colby: The implication or latent threat is enough to insure people will comply

Colby’s “real” quote: the implication or latent threatof force alone was sufficient to insure that the people would comply with Communist demands."

Funny thing is, I pulled the “real quote” from the piece of fiction your wrote on the Phoenix program. I put “real quote” in quotation because based on your history, I don’t think we can take anything you write at face value.

Anonymous said...

Hey, it's Mike again, the right wing troll who stalks Doug Valentine and Robert Parry! It's been too long, Mike!

Alfred McCoy calls Valentine's The Phoenix Program "[a] definitive account...carefully documented...ideal for readers at all levels, from undergraduates to historians."

Of course McCoy is just a guy whose work on the CIA and drugs was so outstanding that
he overcame the academic and journalistic taboo that surrounds the subject of the CIA and drugs and became a professor of history.

We should ignore McCoy and instead listen to "Mike," the random right-wing spammer on the internets.

Go away troll!

Dr. Kiss Injure said...

Though I don't agree with the cyber bullying of courageous investigative journalists and authors, I also don't agree with the demonisation and desanctification of Scandinavian mythology by the Zionist new media.

In any event, an important point Doug Valentine omits from his analysis is that Michael Ledeen is a self-proclaimed fascist and Italian Futurist.

As you may know, Ledeen is part of an international fascist network that is hell-bent on subjugating humanity and destroying the natural world. This is clearly stated in the manifestos of Italian Futurism and the writings of FT Marinetti, founder of Italian Futurism.


Doc Injure

Rumplemeister said...

This is a very well done essay Mr Valentine. You described what is and has been going on in American society for a long time. We have turned away from righteousness as a nation, and now we are coming under the judgement of God. It tears me up to see my great country being destroyed by all these evil rich men.