Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Beck's Washington Monument Myth

By Jonathan Schwarz
September 1, 2010

I realize this isn't breaking news, but...listening to Glenn Beck is the mental equivalent of falling into a vat of Karo syrup. You thrash around, can't get out, and feel like you're going to die in the most insipid way possible.

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Anonymous said...

Uncredited story source in Los Angeles Times, 8/28/10:

J. Tyler Ballance said...

The version of the story that appeared in some texts here in Virginia said that the monument project had to be put on hold during the War for Southern Independence, so what Beck said was true in a general sense.

The really interesting story about the Beck event was how the grounds were left in pristine condition. When you compare the behavior of the crowd at Beck to the way that previous crowds at the Obama rally and the Million Man March trashed the Mall and surrounding streets, there is a very clear contrast in the sort of folks who attended Beck's event versus those dirt-bags who trashed the Mall in those previous large events held in D.C.

Disagree with Beck all you want. I sure do. But, his supporters showed true respect for our Nation's capital while they held their event on the grounds.

Anonymous said...

Americans are messed up on Religion.

First they had G.W.Bush the Gog Magog wacko Evangelical who brought us the Iraq "debacle".

Now we have Glenn Beck the wacko Mormon with his "nonsense".

They are both recovering Alcoholics.

Just what the US needed to bring it closer to "God" ??

Anonymous said...

And your point IS?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

And your point IS?

Americans are messed up on Religion.

Trouble connecting the dots ???

Holly man in the White House & Iraq Holocaust.

Holocaust Denial, American Style

80 Million Evangelicals voted for G.W.Bush & there 1.5 Million dead , Crippled ,displaced & contaminated people as a result.

Got the "point" now ???