Saturday, September 04, 2010

CIA's 'Red Cell' Hypocrisy on Terror

By Robert Parry
September 4, 2010

The Central Intelligence Agency has scoffed at an internal memo that cites a few terrorist acts by some American citizens as possibly causing foreign nations to see the United States as an “exporter of terrorism.” The CIA notes that the paper came from its “red cell” analysts who are assigned to “think outside the box” to “provoke thought.”

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chaunticlear said...

Thank you, Mr. Robert Parry! You open the door to our own House of Horrors which has many rooms, secret passages - even areas marked off-limits to presidents.

I've read many articles and books that support all that you tell here - and more.

You see, I believe Posada knows a very deep, dark secret. I think you know what that secret is.

Anonymous said...

The US MSM is nothing less than a mouthpiece for the American Administration.

Shamefully Americans are so dumbed down as a result.

Anonymous said...

The US accuses Iran for being a state supporter of terrorism for supporting Hizbullah and Hamas. Yet It is the US which supports the greatest terrorist of them all - Israel.

Israel has a free hand in committing murders anywhere in the world with American backing. US is always there to protect Israel.

The MSM is a pathetic excuse for journalism. Pullitzer must be turning in his grave.

American public is willing accomplice in this American and Israeli terrorism.

Big Em said...

Excellent point and entire article Mr. Parry! As other left/liberal authors (such as Chomsky or Herman) note, this criticism of US terrorism and support for terrorism does NOT mean to condone foreign terrorism by our 'enemies' (real or invented). It simply means that we should hold ourselves to the SAME principles we so loudly espouse when we are accurately criticizing 'enemy' terrorism, instead of using a hypocritical double-standard definition of 'terrorism' and/or simply ignoring many of the atrocities that our operatives or proxies have engaged in. After all, the 100s of thousands (probably over 1 million) left-leaning non-violent activists of East Timor, Indonesia, El Salvador, Honduras, Chile, etc were no doubt extremely terrorized when they were pulled out of their beds at 3 AM, taken to headquarters, tortured, killed, and their mutilated bodies often dumped in the outskirts of communities as warnings - - just as much as the similar terrorizations/killings done by Saddam, Hamas, Al Qaeda, and those done in the Balkans, the USSR, China, etc. Because our MSM is so cowed by our hard-core right-wingers, they don't accurately portray the extent of OUR terrorism, and then too many of our citizens are dumb-struck when there's some blowback, and they become the 'aggrieved innocent' ("Why do they hate us?" becomes the naive question).

Note: a very-related & current book on this subject is "The Politics of Genocide"
Edward S. Herman and David Peterson.

Anonymous said...

"what’s most striking about the secret three-page memo, dated Feb. 4 and disclosed by WikiLeaks last month, is how it reflects CIA self-censorship regarding the agency’s own long history of supporting acts of terror and protecting terrorists"

Gee, maybe thats because the whole WikiLeaks-Project is a PSYOP ...

How ´striking´is that ?

Anonymous said...

I agree with almost all of Parry's critique of the the Red Cell document, except that I am pretty sure that it does not likely represent self-censorship on the part of the CIA. Rather the document was likely intended to be "leaked."

Note that the document suggests that American freedoms are to blame for these American terrorists. The article seems to point to a need to increase U.S. police state powers, so as not to let these random lone wolf terrorists go out and damage America's good reputation.

No one who gets paid to conduct analysis on foreign perceptions could honestly write this shit.

The document is a psy-op without a doubt. Whether or not wikileaks is a psy-op itself remains to be seen. The Red Cell document, leaked with no scrutiny from wikileaks, strengthens the argument that WL is a psy-op.

I am not certain at this point, but look at the coverage it has gotten in the mainstream press. We all know that the USG can make a story disappear when it wants to (Gitmo suicides, Anthrax letters, etc.).

Kevin Ryan said...

Great article.

Thanks Bob.