Wednesday, September 01, 2010

How the Right Still Frames Iraq

By Robert Parry
September 1, 2010

President Barack Obama’s instruction to “turn the page” on the Iraq War has set off a new wave of frustration on the American Left, which believes that the architects of this war of aggression should face some accountability for the death and destruction.

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rosemerry said...

This really is depressing.Coupled with the evidence that the education standards in the US are falling dramatically as privatization continues, how can the sheeple even get information, let alone analyse it? Already the Zionist domination is noticeable, but only to the aware. How can normal, worried, lowpaid, Americans in a recession, with wars the only solution presented to their problems, make any headway in life?

Frank said...

Can someone tell me? Why is it that the "left" suffer from lack of support for media? Are all well-off "leftists" just cheapskates? Or is it that money (follow the money) tends to go in another direction -- toward the right?

Kevin Ryan said...

Thank Bob. In Secrecy & Privilege, you gave two great examples of how the "right" began to usurp the media.

The first of these was the program funded by Nixon's former Treasury Secretary William Simon, who was also a partner at the investment firm of Salomon Brothers. Simon initiated a program to fund and train what were essentially propanda "think tanks, media organizations and pressure groups" like The Heritage Foundation and the American Enterprise Institute. The neocon propagandists were funded through this effective program.

The second program was President Reagan's office of disinformation, better known as the National Security Council's Special Planning Group for "Public Diplomacy." This was run by long time CIA propaganda veteran Walter Raymond. What began as an attempt to gain the public's support for funding the militant groups in Central America grew into a powerful force for lying to the American public that appears to live on to this day.

Speaking of Bob Woodward though, can you confirm that he actually had no journalism experience when he was hired by the Washington Post?

How about Jonathan Kay of The National Post?

Anonymous said...

Iraq has been devastated , ruined & is a destroyed society.

Yes over 20 years the US brought a Holocaust to Iraq.

The US beginning 1991, bombed for 12 years, with one excuse or another; then invaded, then occupied, overthrew the government, killed wantonly & tortured ...

The Iraqi people have lost everything - their homes, their schools, their electricity, their clean water, their environment, their neighborhoods, their mosques, their archaeology, their jobs, their careers, their professionals, their state-run enterprises, their physical health, their mental health, their health care, their welfare state, their women's rights, their religious tolerance, their safety, their security, their children, their parents, their past, their present, their future, their lives

More than half the population either dead, wounded, traumatized, in prison, internally displaced, or in exile ...

Their air, soil, water, blood and genes drenched with depleted uranium ... the most awful birth defects ... unexploded cluster bombs lie in wait for children to pick them up ...

An army of young Islamic men went to Iraq to fight the American invaders; they left the country more militant, hardened by war, to spread across the Middle East, Europe and Central Asia

A river of blood runs alongside the Euphrates and Tigris ... through a country that may never be put back together again.

Iraq is forced by the United States to continue paying reparations for its own invasion of Kuwait in 1990.

How much reparation will America pay the people of Iraq?

BIg Em said...

As 'anonymous' noted above (and William Blum does in this* article), the unconscionable destruction of a whole country by Bush (and arguably with Clinton's help previously) is more worthy of a war-crimes trial than of any commendations.

(* )

Anonymous said...

Kevin Ryan said...

"you gave two great examples of how the "right" began to usurp the media."

Kevin the "right" ?????????

Kevin just how retarded are Americans ?

All this nonsense about Democrat $ Republican , the "right" the "left" etc etc.

Its the neocons stupid.

Americans are kept dumbed down by its MSM not being allowed to attack the neocons Republicans , Democratic , the "right" etc etc.

The U.S. almost broke & neocons were able to get 2 "Wars" started ?

BTW don't forget this.

JonnyJames said...

I almost could not believe my eyes when I saw Obama with his arm around Bush Jr.'s shoulder praising him.

Obama already gave a de-facto pardon to Cheney/Bush and the gang. Now he praises them and ignores High Treason, War Crimes and so on. The so-called rule of law is made a mockery of not by Bush but by Obama.

The message sent to the youth of the USA and world: brutality, violence, crimes, lies, hypocrisy, double-standards, imperialism and murder are perfectly fine if you can get away with it.

mnlo said...

There's no doubt that the guy in the oval office is in an awkward position.A no-war man,surrounded by hawks red and blue, scorned by the military, the msm, and with no real support within his inner circle let alone the left. I do not think he's got other choices but to kowtow to right's demands.For what else one expect him to do?. Unless he's really the"one" we're expecting for.