Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What Obama Won't Say Tonight

By Ray McGovern
August 31, 2010

My Fellow Americans,

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Ethan Allen said...

While this attempts to be a cute parody of Rachel Maddow's recent "State of the Union" address, while subjecting the reader to the usual self-aggrandizing wisdom of a born-again ex CIA propagandist, I, for one, would prefer that McGovern focus on a topic in which he has insight and actual experience; namely, that of the serial politicization and corruption of national intelligence reporting.

ltcmikesr said...

Have no ideal what Mr Allen meant, but I found the essay valuable. Brought me back to my Decision Making classes. Reviewed the meanings for METT-T and saw maybe a little updating necessary for the current conflicts. Why wouldn't the GO want to use it to brief the POTUS, unless they had no frikkin' clue to the answers. This is the kind of writing the taxpayers need to see.