Friday, September 03, 2010

Recession Snuffs Out New Media Hope

By Danny Schechter
September 3, 2010

When your life and your work is as entwined as mine has been – fusing the personal and the political over all these years – it may be stretching things to consider yourself unemployed, but that’s what I am as Labor Day approaches.

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chmoore said...

I guess I don't understand how film distribution works, but I really wish there were more progressive film offerings in the On Demand feature of Cable TV. I'm sure they want to offer things that sell, but really, wouldn't a decent progressive film sell at least as well or better than some of the mindless junk movies they offer now?

Similarly, does MSNBC really believe that adding a few true investigative jounalists would get less ratings than the Lockup reality prison shows they put on in later evening?